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woman’s prerogative?

so chaps, here I am, changing my mind. What was I thinking? Who wants to read about my trip to Japan after I come back home? I tell you what, in this digital age, nothing’s of any importance unless it’s … Continue reading

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Japan is imminent

dear readers of my blog, special k recently came home, exhausted but oddly determined and said “We’re going on holidays.” Yay! I thought, imagining the beach or some such. “Japan, San Francisco or Hawaii,” he said, in that same determined … Continue reading

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a thought whose time really hasn’t come yet

I just went out for dinner with my sister and mum, followed by the film Creation, the Charles Darwin biopic. A humble evening out but “one of the best of my life!” according to Mum. I guess, if you think … Continue reading

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when I was about ten I was called to my older sister’s side because she was inconsolable. “She read your diary,” Mum told me, “and now she thinks you want to die.” After looking in a kind of despairing wonder … Continue reading

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something I saw today

in the middle of the day I watched the British film The Secret of Moonacre. I wanted to see it because of the trailers, but as soon as it started I realised I knew it inside-out: it’s based on a … Continue reading

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