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movies I’m looking forward to…

I’ve been oddly stuck on movies and tv shows of late, so just before I foray off the topic again (ah! but will I?), here are some film clips I’ve come across that are making me really excited. First and … Continue reading

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some brilliant writing

last night my sister came over to watch the New Aussie Drama Offspring. It was pretty meh. But we got suckered into watching the show that comes after it, and that was a revelation. The show is Married, Single, Other … Continue reading

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some things about turbulence

Today my sister and I took our nephew (6) and our niece (4) on the plane from Melbourne to Canberra for a holiday with their grandparents. Melbourne – Canberra is the kind of flight where you’ve just opened your book … Continue reading

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love is a crutch/love makes life bearable

to my thoughts about Love I add this: Last weekend I cleared some things up with special k – one of the effects of which is, I’m not going to mother him anymore. I decided I quite like the idea … Continue reading

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when I was about ten I was called to my older sister’s side because she was inconsolable. “She read your diary,” Mum told me, “and now she thinks you want to die.” After looking in a kind of despairing wonder … Continue reading

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