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Sherlock follow-up

when I wrote my last post about Sherlock I’d only seen episode 1. Have now watched the grand total 3 episodes, and some of my thoughts about the series have changed. I loved the portrayal of Watson in ep 1 … Continue reading

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third-wave romance

according to the people who like to talk, coffee culture is up to its third wave. So in a completely unrelated aside, I decided that I have a theory about romance writing, and where it’s up to. (I’m obliged to … Continue reading

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movies I’m looking forward to…

I’ve been oddly stuck on movies and tv shows of late, so just before I foray off the topic again (ah! but will I?), here are some film clips I’ve come across that are making me really excited. First and … Continue reading

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plot jealousy

me and Cat were talking today about how when a character falls in love, the object of their affection has to become their greatest weakness. I re-watched Hancock tonight, and that premise is so beautifully written into the film that … Continue reading

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a new day, a new tv show.

I just watched the first episode in the BBC’s 3-ep mini-series Sherlock. It’s Sherlock Holmes, but in 21st Century London and with a couple of gadgets he never had before. And a riding whip. He’s kinda mean, too. Meaner than … Continue reading

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human by portions and percentages

there’s a new Aussie show on ABC1 that I’m really enjoying for its indulgence and humour. That show is Rake, about a highly flawed, disreputable barrister in Sydney. A short segment of dialogue from the last episode has stuck with … Continue reading

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some thoughts about Jane Eyre

eeep! I don’t think this is the best-made trailer, but I can’t wait to watch the film. I was talking with Cat the other day about Jane Eyre, and she was saying that she never particularly got the romance of … Continue reading

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