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so this post has been inevitable for a while. A big, rambly meditation on capital-L love. Er, Love. I’ve been trying to hold off, because I have no idea how all my various thoughts on the subject are going to … Continue reading

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lessons in vulnerability

In my last post I applauded Gaelen Foley for her brilliant use of vulnerability. I’ve read on since then and somehow an incredibly promising book just sort of fizzled out. So I want to explore how she used and abused … Continue reading

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every romantic hero is a superhero; every superhero has his kryptonite

One of the things I love about romance fiction – and I think it’s true for most genre fiction – is that the protagonists are superheroes. That includes the women, by the way, I just thought that “every romantic hero/ine … Continue reading

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when you blink and the world changes

sorry I haven’t been posting the last couple of days – been up in Albury visiting a friend. Albury/Wodonga is like…hmmm…Freiburg/Salzburg, but much more bogan and with less pretty architecture. (Bogan = probably what you think of when you conjure … Continue reading

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I think that little zombie killer child from the deeps was my niece a moment ago…

my four year old niece is the most incongruous and gorgeous little person on the face of the planet, which means you love her before you even know what’s going on. Her fey little hands just reach inside your chest … Continue reading

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