my lady untamed: blurb

Looking across exactly five paces into the eyes of this man, something in her chest was falling away like those dominoes had—faster than you could stop it. And she wanted, for just a moment, to go into him, like an explorer lowering herself into a black chasm that just might be endless, and endlessly dark.

The Duke of Darlington plays with people’s lives like they’re pieces on a board. He is the King of Manipulation and entirely unmatched – until the day he meets Katherine Sutherland, the Queen of Brutal Honesty.

Katherine has worked hard to keep her family out of the workhouse, and has finally found a measure of peace since her father’s death. It’s only when the duke invades her life – fills her house with his bright, vicious presence and her nights with the threat of seduction – that she realises she wants something much more spectacular than peace.

But the duke’s games have dangerous, political consequences, and when his title is threatened Katherine is faced with a choice: live a quiet, safe life – or go to battle for the man she loves.

NOTE: the Duke also spends a lot of the novel in a variety of gorgeous Georgian dresses and he dotes on his pet pig. I spent 5 HOURS on this blurb, people, and I still couldn’t fit those details in. Blurbs are hard.

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