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the sleepover

In a book I read recently, a middle-aged novelist who’d let herself go a bit was nervous and excited about a potential friendship. She commented that new friends made her feel as excited these days as new boyfriends used to. … Continue reading

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wedding vows in action

We wrote our own wedding vows. Contrary to what you might expect, mine were full of well-considered guidelines of behaviour for our future, and special k vowed to love me beneath a mountain, by a forest, under a moon. One … Continue reading

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numbers in fiction

I don’t know if I’ll ever be one of those people who lies about their age. A friend of mine recently told me that when she was backpacking in Europe at 18, she told everyone she was 19 because it … Continue reading

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never, never, never, never give up

I misquote Churchill, because “never give up” galvanises me more right now than “never give in”. Though maybe the latter is more constructive. Maybe this is war. After a couple of weeks of productive writing (which coincided, without coincidence, with … Continue reading

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the perfect mum vs the mum you love

I’ve been tackling an interesting aspect of character recently. The mother of my protagonist (Abigail) is in a coma throughout the whole of my YA novel. I’ve been conscious of needing to create their relationship pre-coma, so that the reader cares … Continue reading

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introducing the Red Robin

At the moment most of my writing days are devoted to my second project, because I’m trying to get a first draft finished in time to submit it to the Text Prize. (A first draft will not be prize-winning material, … Continue reading

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