something about me

Let’s see…

I live in a beautiful flat in the centre of Melbourne with special k – husband/love of my life/source of really odd bits of information.

I’m watching tv right now, which I kind of like to do. I also read books. Lots of books. Most of them are romance novels.

When I was sixteen-ish I was dressing up in amazing 80s costume and going to where all the trendy kids hung out to talk about improving my fawhand and my backhand (a tennis visor was part of the costume). I tended to expect unexpected things of myself. I had a kind of compulsion to test myself against humiliation to see whether I lived my life according to what I genuinely thought or what other people expected.

I still don’t shave my armpits, because I like the aesthetic and I think there should be some secret places left on the human body.

But when I was 23, a very special boy came into my life from left-field and made other things possible. Things like reading romance novels because they made me happy, and looking forward to watching tv with my kids.

Like having a husband who supports me financially and emotionally and making that work. It means dishes (which I’m not good at) and cooking and shopping (which I tend to hope will miraculously happen with no input from me) and budgeting (look, I’m just not that good at not buying books).

So this blog is full of random thoughts, book reviews and my attempts to draw a moral conclusion from pretty much anything.

You can contact me at

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