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Tamara Drewe

I just went to the movies by myself for the first time in ages. When we lived in Glasgow I had membership to the big cinema there, which meant free movies all the time. Sometimes multiple times per day, and … Continue reading

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melodrama queen

I’ve been reading ahead in my first draft, to see what’s coming for me in my rewrites. And Lord, it isn’t good. By the third time in one scene that my heroine blushed, I wanted to rip her out of … Continue reading

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history and language

As you know, I’ve been workshopping my first chapter in class. There’s been quite a lot of debate over whether it’s appropriate for my characters to say fuck or not (given that it’s set in the Regency – England in … Continue reading

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plotting like a maniac

there it is, my mad morning’s work. And i thought this ms was complete a year ago! Ha!

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happy happy happy

I have been talking a bit about my new novel teacher – the strange creature who understands my genre. After tonight’s class she deserves yet another mention. My teacher is Toni Jordan, a Melbourne-based writer whose first book, Addition, did … Continue reading

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