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the Big Understanding

We have this highly technical term in romance: the Big Misunderstanding (or the Big Mis, if we’re feelin lazy). Back in the day this referred to, say, the heroine seeing the hero kiss another woman – disaster! – only to … Continue reading

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in which I recommend romance novels to the romance novice

You may have noticed that I think romance is worth reading. But I know from experience that it’s daunting to wade into the sea of water-coloured semi-naked chests. The genre is the most prolific in the world – so where … Continue reading

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the problem with love at first sight

This American Life ran a Valentine’s day episode called ‘What I did for love‘. I love that show whatever the theme, but this episode was particularly wonderful. I encourage you all to listen to it, if you haven’t already, so … Continue reading

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kill the brain

Last week special k took his headphones to work, and it was cataclysmic. When I write, I listen to music on his pro headphones, which effectively shuts me into my own private world. Heading off to a day of writing … Continue reading

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the thinking, creating, writing profession

There are a bunch of “being a writer means” memes going round facebook right now. You know “this is what your mum thinks you do” [idiot staring at typewriter], “this is what your publishers think you do” [monkey sitting at … Continue reading

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