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the piracy question

Illegal downloading is a subject I’ve been wanting to write about for ages. It’s very murky – it’s emotional and ethical/unethical and no one has a clue how to start untangling it (or rather, everyone has an opinion about how … Continue reading

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on female body hair

I made the decision a little while ago that my heroine has underarm hair. Then I spent a couple of months thinking I’d probably change my mind; there’s such a strong aesthetic against body hair, that I feared it would … Continue reading

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the season-five apocalypse

okay, here it is: The one mistake How I Met Your Mother made that was so damn disappointing I almost stopped watching. Dear lord it’s bad. It makes me angry. I will try and be coherent. Season four is this … Continue reading

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the eyes have it

ah, my attempt at a witty, punful heading! My latest pet-hate with my writing is this: my characters are always, always looking. At each other, not at each other, out the window, across the room, up from the book, etc. … Continue reading

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I am too naive to be a writer

I’ve just spent way too much of my evening watching documentaries on the ABC. I feel…horrified. Like I was an innocent until now. I have just realised documentaries are a smoke screen – the dry, scientific “we don’t have a … Continue reading

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