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My Lady Untamed blurb: take 2

This is my second attempt at a blurb for my romance. It’s almost completely different to the first, so it may seem like I ignored all your excellent critiques – but that version was, let’s say, the flat mess of … Continue reading

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heartbreak remakes the heart into a different organ

I just finished reading Meredith Duran’s At Your Pleasure – and though the cover was as gorgeous as ever, it was the first book of hers I didn’t love. The prologue and first chapter made me feel fizzy and dark … Continue reading

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The very basis of a romance novel is this: Two people have each experienced certain things in their lives. In reaction, they have armed themselves, so that said things never happen to them again. Then love comes along, and it … Continue reading

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throwing stones at the stars

My book is out of my hands for the next couple of weeks, being read by people whose opinions I admire. Let me tell you, that has been a nerve-wrecking (more wrecking than wracking) experience. The first round of feedback … Continue reading

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whatever you do, DO NOT GET ON THE HIGHWAY!!!

There’s a scene in the second Matrix movie where Trinity and Morpheus are trying to escape the bad dudes, having just stolen a very important player from them – the Keymaker. I don’t have the movie here, so you’ll have … Continue reading

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