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a new machine is still a stranger

I am in mac-love. Again. I remember this feeling – I remember the new computer smell in the same compartment of my brain where I remember the smell of my dead grandfather after he’d been treated with embalming fluid. You … Continue reading

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a great kiss needs great coincidence

I kissed special k goodbye this morning – the kind of fond, slightly melting kiss of the long-committed. And I suddenly got the fear you get when you almost have a grisly accident on your bike and it leaves you … Continue reading

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the letter generation: Part l

I’ve just been rifling through my old journals and letters as I like to do occasionally, and the things I’ve found hurt my heart and make me infinitely grateful I managed to not be gen Y. We started emailing in … Continue reading

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breaking the tenth commandment is sexy

This has been a reading weekend, so here’s another book I’ve just read: Oh how I love this book. This is Quinn at her absolute best. It begins thus: “In every life there is a turning point. A moment so … Continue reading

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the Disney cartoon of romance novels

Teresa Medeiros is chummy with a lot of my favourite romance novelists, so I thought I’d give her books a go. The result has been…interesting. Medeiros’s writing is exuberant and charming, but reading this was seriously like watching a Disney … Continue reading

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