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never, never, never, never give up

I misquote Churchill, because “never give up” galvanises me more right now than “never give in”. Though maybe the latter is more constructive. Maybe this is war. After a couple of weeks of productive writing (which coincided, without coincidence, with … Continue reading

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happy happy happy

I have been talking a bit about my new novel teacher – the strange creature who understands my genre. After tonight’s class she deserves yet another mention. My teacher is Toni Jordan, a Melbourne-based writer whose first book, Addition, did … Continue reading

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write. out. loud.

I’ve been reading the insider’s guide to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Yes, it’s completely daggy. But that’s just how this series is – once you’ve read all the books there are to read you’ll take any way back into … Continue reading

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the pitch

today we had an acquiring editor come and visit our novel class, and ask for a pitch from each of us. It was a pretty interesting scenario, because she had asked to come and meet us, rather than being asked herself. … Continue reading

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the poor artist

There was an article in The Age today about how poor artists are. It’s great that the issue’s being highlighted – and good god yes, bring on more funding. But also…I kind of wanted to get out of there and … Continue reading

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the rejection book

hey, sorry to be stuck on a kind of depressing subject, but I got another rejection letter yesterday (right after that last post. Honestly!) and it had to be dealt with. And besides, this post is all about positivity! See, … Continue reading

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rejection is hard

So. I started this blog by recounting a certain mini-life/writing-breakdown I had. The instigator of said breakdown was a lovely, encouraging letter I got from Kristin Nelson saying she didn’t think my manuscript was right for their agency. My reactions … Continue reading

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