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opinionated is a *pauses to count* eleven-letter word

I find expressing a strong opinion difficult, and scary. For the same reason, I think, that I can sing my heart out in a choir and choke up the moment I come to sing a solo. An opinion is a … Continue reading

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eyes open is better

I wrote a while ago about the Big Misunderstanding – that romance trope by which identities are mistaken, kisses are seen and misunderstood, words are overheard out of context, etc. Any circumstance, basically, which could be rectified with a conversation, … Continue reading

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husbands are insightful beasts

Special k has this remarkable ability to see narrative. I think it’s part of his assurance that things are as he understands them; if a story doesn’t match up to what he thinks it is, he can say quite clearly, … Continue reading

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