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life according to pigeon

just to prove that I don’t only read romance, here’s a passage from Austerlitz by W G Sebald. It filled me with a sudden, sharp melancholy – because,  I think, it is at once recognisable as the experience of being … Continue reading

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in defence of the romance novel

In my last post I made a throwaway comment about romance novels being a “true and concise account of love in real life”. I want to expand on this a bit, because it’s one of the things that fascinates me … Continue reading

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Day 4: Rock Bottom Has a Bidet

I feel rather like a character from a Jennifer Crusie novel: “Things are bad, she struggles, things get worse, she struggles, things get so bad they seem insurmountable, she struggles.” Harajuku, on a Sunday, in the relentless sun = not … Continue reading

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what’s with vampires, anyway? (a naff little rant)

Just finished watching the second season of Being Human, and watched True Blood (s03e04) yesterday. So much blood. I know vampires are huge right now, blah-di-blah. But what is it about those rivers of blood that makes me feel… …safe? … Continue reading

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do gangsters get a free pass?

so we’re watching The Sopranos as per usual, and Tony’s just started having another affair. You’re kind of drawn in by the idea of him falling in love, until you remember his wife. “What a dick!” I say, when this … Continue reading

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sibling rivalry

aren’t siblings weird? There are these people you don’t necessarily have anything in common with, or even know, beyond the fact that your bodies are made of the same stuff. But what a difference that makes. A tiny physical difference … Continue reading

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day three: because I said so

I tend to get trumped by kid-logic, which doesn’t always make it easy to assert control. I had two moments of success today that make me think I’m getting the hang of the whole “I’m bigger than you therefore you … Continue reading

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