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the advent of self-publishing; the dread

Connie Brockway is an established romance writer. She has been on bestseller lists (though I have the impression she’s not one of the authors who consistently stays there) and she has won the RITA twice, which is the romance equivalent … Continue reading

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THIS is why I read romance

I love Jennifer Crusie. She is so many of those words that don’t mean much one after the other, like wise, funny, insightful, sympathetic, sexy and incredibly human. Or rather, her writing is. I don’t know the woman personally. I … Continue reading

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melodrama queen

I’ve been reading ahead in my first draft, to see what’s coming for me in my rewrites. And Lord, it isn’t good. By the third time in one scene that my heroine blushed, I wanted to rip her out of … Continue reading

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two links that made my day good

tonight special k and I cooked dinner for friends and their kids. Have just finished the washing up. It’s nice to have vivid little faces in our flat. Me: “What happens in the cool bit of The Incredibles?” Kid: Struggles … Continue reading

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I’ve been struggling for months with the structure of my novel, and the main problem is back story. It’s the kind of romance where the hero and heroine were once very much in love then something happened, and now their … Continue reading

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Day 4: Rock Bottom Has a Bidet

I feel rather like a character from a Jennifer Crusie novel: “Things are bad, she struggles, things get worse, she struggles, things get so bad they seem insurmountable, she struggles.” Harajuku, on a Sunday, in the relentless sun = not … Continue reading

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Agnes and theĀ Hitman

isn’t that an awesome title? And the book lives up to it, believe you me. There’s a great explanation by authors Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer about how they started working together and what their partnership has been like. I’m … Continue reading

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