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Jane Eyre the movie

Special k woke me at an ungodly (are gods sleeper-inners?) hour this morning, but it had a positive outcome. I was lying in bed reading at 8am, and checked the local movie times, as you do, and noticed an advance … Continue reading

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some thoughts about Jane Eyre

eeep! I don’t think this is the best-made trailer, but I can’t wait to watch the film. I was talking with Cat the other day about Jane Eyre, and she was saying that she never particularly got the romance of … Continue reading

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going away and writing – does it work?

Mostly yes. The way I think about it is: If I had been here at home struggling with my manuscript, I would have gotten much, much less done. Four days without internet was seriously pushing the boundaries…urg. Still, it takes … Continue reading

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