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he makes me feel so feminine

When I started reading romance novels in earnest, about four years ago, I was drawn to the powerful heterosexual narrative. Actually, it’s more than that, isn’t it? It’s a really traditional sort of hetero-sex. A big, hard man and a … Continue reading

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death is my independence

The dissolute rake falling for the pure virgin is a classic romance trope. In Romancelandia it means watching a man beyond redemption become redeemed through love. In the original rake/virgin novel…not so much. Clarissa, written in 1748, is the story of … Continue reading

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The Regency: when men were men

One of my favourite historical details about the Regency is that men used to cry in Parliament to express their sensitivity. But I digress. Earlier this year I entered a whole bunch of the American contests, just to get my … Continue reading

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the mother-daughter sex talk

When my older brother was fourteen and about to go on his first ever date, my parents sat him down and told him some things about respecting girls and always using condoms. The reason I know this is that my … Continue reading

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