the kick-ass heroine (in the tv show)

Any die-hard Bones fan is going to understand why the parenthetical addition was necessary. All the rest of you need to know is: I have finally found something to stop me watching How I Met Your Mother on repeat.

I have fallen in love again, and this time it’s Bones.

It’s probably a different kind of love, because I’m not super into gore or mystery, so you could probably move the team into any field of expertise (but they would have to be at the forefront of whatever field that was, that’s just the way they are) and I would love it just as much.

There are so many great things about this show, but today I’m just going to focus on what an incredible character Dr Temperance Brennan is.

After the 80s the work of generations of feminists started to show in romance: women started having their own careers and interests and a commitment didn’t always mean marriage. But I think writers still have some difficulty resisting at least the emotional catharsis of having a woman be cared for by a man.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is room for caring in a relationship; sometimes my husband is the only thing that can make a black day better. But there’s a small scene in Bones that perfectly illustrates why Brennan is so kick-ass.

She and her FBI partner are inspecting a body on some scaffolding at night. He says to her, “Are you cold? Do you want my coat?” and she looks up, confused, slightly annoyed at being distracted and says, “No. I would ask for it if I did.”

Over and over again she resists the emotional catharsis of I hand my burdens over to you. I didn’t even realise this was a kind of emotional catharsis until I started to feel the strain of an expectation not being met. And then I looked at why. And I liked it.


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I look around, and here I am - housewife and aspiring romance novelist. This seems unexpected.
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