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creative thinking

this post is not about writing. You know when someone throws a spanner in a plan, and it looks like whatever you were going to do is now undoable? And as annoying as that is, there’s that tiny part of … Continue reading

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Hot Fuzz is a perfect movie

punkt. just watched it again, and I’m still in awe of it. The characterisation of Sgt Angel is flawless, from the cop so good he has to be banished from London for making everyone else look bad, to the small … Continue reading

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before you move house, ask yourself this:

are you ever planning to emigrate to another country? We’re just going through the paperwork for special k’s permanent residency, and one of the forms asks him to list every address he’s lived at for the last 10 years. We’re … Continue reading

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who framed Doctor Who?

I did! Our most recent class assignment for Desktop Publishing was to create a 4-page magazine of our favourite tv show. It may not entirely surprise you that I chose Doctor Who. The text didn’t have to be original, so … Continue reading

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the brilliance of Terry Pratchett

when I was young and my older brother was reading Terry Pratchett, and my younger brother was about to start reading Terry Pratchett, his books still had those dizzying, vulgar (I’m not sure whether I mean that in a positive … Continue reading

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