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Lymond 2: show don’t tell…except when you do

I mentioned in my previous post that there’s a moment in the Lymond books when you find out what’s actually been going on the whole time, and it retrospectively changes the narrative. The wonderful thing about this moment is that … Continue reading

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Lymond 1: the anti-hero and the witness

to people who are more clever than I (but see how clever I am! I even use correct grammar!) this may be obvious. To me it was not. It is very, very difficult to write a successful anti-hero if you … Continue reading

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I came back this year promising Lymond and have so far delivered none…. so here goes: An infamous man returns to sixteenth-century Scotland. Six years previous he sold secrets to the English that almost destroyed the Scottish army, and rumour … Continue reading

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2 years of marriage

last night me and special k went out to celebrate our 2-year wedding anniversary. Though it’s not long in the scheme of a whole lifetime, I am insanely proud. (My mother, whose husband takes her out every sunday and languishes … Continue reading

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1st v 2nd draft

It just occurred to me the other day that I should put some info about what I’m writing up on the blog, just so’s the stuff I go on about – strong, virginal throats, for instance – makes some sense. … Continue reading

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