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the truthful hero

I’m reading Eloisa James‘s latest at the mo – the second in a series of fairytale-inspired romances. The first of these, the Cinderella-esque A Kiss at Midnight, I didn’t really enjoy. With the fairytale departure from strict historical romance she … Continue reading

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whine it: re-vi-sion

me and special k are housesitting for some rich people in Elwood. It’s pretty fun. We even get all the tv channels here! We had some people around for a tres civilized dinner last night (because we had enough seats … Continue reading

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Lymond 3: love is cryptonite

Lymond has fallen in love. It was possibly the best fictional moment ever. Some thoughts about how the most superior, restrained, unreachable character I have ever read managed to fall in love believably. (And this is a useful thing to … Continue reading

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salmon pasta

This is the dish my mother-in-law would make whenever we went round to dinner in Glasgow, because I begged her to. It has become my go-to dish for some very good reasons: It’s quick, easy, healthy and above all DELICIOUS! … Continue reading

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method writing

I’m not a huge one for research. Mostly because I’m lazy. I justify this by thinking: “I’m a writer. I’m meant to use my imagination.” Last night we had a family picnic down by the lake and I got to … Continue reading

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