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human by portions and percentages

there’s a new Aussie show on ABC1 that I’m really enjoying for its indulgence and humour. That show is Rake, about a highly flawed, disreputable barrister in Sydney. A short segment of dialogue from the last episode has stuck with … Continue reading

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some thoughts about Jane Eyre

eeep! I don’t think this is the best-made trailer, but I can’t wait to watch the film. I was talking with Cat the other day about Jane Eyre, and she was saying that she never particularly got the romance of … Continue reading

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two links that made my day good

tonight special k and I cooked dinner for friends and their kids. Have just finished the washing up. It’s nice to have vivid little faces in our flat. Me: “What happens in the cool bit of The Incredibles?” Kid: Struggles … Continue reading

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I’m not taking part in NaNoWriMo, because I’m lost somewhere in the swamps of revision-land without a flint or a knife. Or Bear Grylls. But just as a nod to National Novel Writing Month, which is a glorious, contentious, hair-raising … Continue reading

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the world’s best research tool

I went to the State Library of Victoria this morning to start my new summer writing regime. That is, I am actually researching the Regency, instead of just assuming other romance writers have it right. It was super fun. I … Continue reading

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