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fairy godmothers are the best

I promised I would keep you updated re VP’s feedback on my re-drafted first chapter, and boy am I happy to do so! As always, am not sure how much of other people’s letters I can post here, but let’s … Continue reading

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elements for a great writers group meeting

coffee from the otto with Padre‘s wet process Sidamo beans, drunk from Karen Ho cups. Oh, and with sweet things from Dench bakery. Put John Banville’s The Sea and Suzanne Collins’s Mockingjay into the same conversation (neither fared too well, … Continue reading

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just sent Valerie Parv/fairygodmother the new draft of my first chapter and I am…nervous. Redrafting and re-imagining something that you’ve already written is not easy. And it brings the risk factor in all over again. Some of the things I’ve … Continue reading

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Alpha hero

the Black Dagger Brotherhood books have gotten me thinking a lot about alpha heroes – and what kinds of heroines they need to keep them readable. Just to get this out of the way first: Alphas feel a little bit … Continue reading

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romance bling

courtesy of my lovely friend Nelika, I now own some awesome romance bling [theirs was a passion as wild as the Texas they loved.]

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