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i like you, i like you not

The most frequent comment I get from my writing teacher is, “Aren’t romance heroines supposed to be sympathetic?” It’s a hard thing to nut out, because, on the one hand, yes. But I do so love a bitchy/cold/unpleasant heroine who … Continue reading

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vampire, vampire…demon?

I got a bit excessive yesterday, even for me, and read 1.5 books… Which brings me to the end of book 6 of Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark – the series that has, as you know, swallowed me whole. I … Continue reading

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is mess ever this cathartic?

so I don’t know if it was yesterday’s post that finally inspired me, or whether it was the super-vivid, early-morning visions of what was growing in my sink, but I cleaned today. Actually, I know what it was. Special k … Continue reading

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If I can do my dishes maybe I can save the world

I can’t do my dishes. Ever, really. I wouldn’t dare tell you what’s waiting on my sink, growing new ecosystems – or maybe it’s on to universes by now. I do occasionally wonder just what I stand to gain by … Continue reading

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in the name of research

It recently came to my attention that I don’t have a good enough mental image of the hero I’m currently writing to describe him with any conviction. All I really know is that he is huge (muscles, not fat, of … Continue reading

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some brilliant writing

last night my sister came over to watch the New Aussie Drama Offspring. It was pretty meh. But we got suckered into watching the show that comes after it, and that was a revelation. The show is Married, Single, Other … Continue reading

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more Kresley Cole

still reading Ms Cole (my prediction was correct – I had to go out and start buying the series. I recently said to special k “Then I bought some books,” and he said “Of course you did, that’s what you … Continue reading

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