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a really great rejection letter

Susannah Taylor from the Richard Henshaw Group just went right to the top of my desirable agents list. Her rejection letter left me feeling invigorated and inspired and like I might actually be able to do this. Quite a feat, … Continue reading

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years ago a friend made a throwaway comment to me, that she thought having an orgasm was one of the loneliest moments in life. The book I just read made me think about this some more, because a very tender … Continue reading

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i like you, i like you not

The most frequent comment I get from my writing teacher is, “Aren’t romance heroines supposed to be sympathetic?” It’s a hard thing to nut out, because, on the one hand, yes. But I do so love a bitchy/cold/unpleasant heroine who … Continue reading

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vampire, vampire…demon?

I got a bit excessive yesterday, even for me, and read 1.5 books… Which brings me to the end of book 6 of Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark – the series that has, as you know, swallowed me whole. I … Continue reading

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is mess ever this cathartic?

so I don’t know if it was yesterday’s post that finally inspired me, or whether it was the super-vivid, early-morning visions of what was growing in my sink, but I cleaned today. Actually, I know what it was. Special k … Continue reading

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