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when dishes and spaghetti collide

today started as the kind of day when my insurmountable pile of dishes didn’t bother me so much. It seemed less a dramatic confirmation of the fact that I will never ever manage to be up to speed in life … Continue reading

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love is a crutch/love makes life bearable

to my thoughts about Love I add this: Last weekend I cleared some things up with special k – one of the effects of which is, I’m not going to mother him anymore. I decided I quite like the idea … Continue reading

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A while back I wrote a post about the way Susan Elizabeth Phillips is right up front with her characters’ motivations. You meet a character and you learn very quickly what’s happened in their past to make them the way … Continue reading

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The Dandy

Hi. You might think it’s beneath you to listen to me, because I’m only a dandelion, but boy will you miss out if you don’t stick around for this. Stick around. That’s something I like to say to all the … Continue reading

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a BIG piece of good news

Last Saturday I came home just before midnight after a very long day investigating how I live through my communication. I found special k just where I most expected him to be: lying splat asleep on the couch, with a … Continue reading

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