do gangsters get a free pass?

so we’re watching The Sopranos as per usual, and Tony’s just started having another affair. You’re kind of drawn in by the idea of him falling in love, until you remember his wife.

“What a dick!” I say, when this pertinent penny drops.

“Why?” says special k. “He’s the boss.”

“You wouldn’t do that,” I say, pausing just long enough for a nod of affirmation, even though it wasn’t a question, “so why should he?”

“He’s a gangster,” says special k, as though it’s all terribly obvious. “He’s not exactly morally sound.”

Which reminds me of something else I’ve thought a bit about:

Does love depend on morality? By which I mean, if the person you love – let’s say your spouse – came home and told you they’d committed a murder, would you still feel ok about loving them? Does the feeling depend on believing in the moral integrity of the person you love? And if so, is it really love?

And to finish the quiz, does Tony like his orange juice

a) with pulp,

b) without pulp

c) with some pulp

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I look around, and here I am - housewife and aspiring romance novelist. This seems unexpected.
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2 Responses to do gangsters get a free pass?

  1. Mini-Mike says:

    Hmm, well in real life, spouses protect murderous loved ones all the time. Maybe an incident like that is a real test of love?
    On the other hand, maybe Love *can* be conditional, after-all…

    Not hugely into gangster things, so I’ve not seen ‘The Sopranos’, though I hear it is excellent…
    Is his wife in love with him? Or is she just accepting of her husband because of the benefits he brings her? In my experience, the right people usually find each other in the end. Maybe she, in her own way, is just as manipulative and morally bankrupt as he is? Or maybe she is just the classic, hard-done by spouse. Its sadly the case that Love is often unequal, and marriage is rarely idyllically happy.

    • yeah, she’s definitely an enabler. We watched this great ep recently where she went to see an old Jewish shrink, who tells her to leave Tony. She tries to rationalise what he’s saying in psych-speak, and he stops her, reiterating his point of view.

      At the end he says to her “At least you can’t say nobody told you.” Then Tony gives her any enormous sapphire ring, and she decides to stay…

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