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this post is about Landmark Education, which could be quite controversial. If you google it you get as many people calling it a brainwashing cult as you get testimonials that it changed someone’s life. Tonight I signed up for the … Continue reading

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conscience off, dick on: true blood is back

I just finished watching the first episode of season three and I’m so happy this show‘s back. I love the whole concept of a racist south being the backdrop for the introduction of a whole new species into society. Er, … Continue reading

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Agnes and theĀ Hitman

isn’t that an awesome title? And the book lives up to it, believe you me. There’s a great explanation by authors Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer about how they started working together and what their partnership has been like. I’m … Continue reading

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I’ve found a couple of essays online that have really inspired me about writing and perseverance when sometimes those things seem ridiculously hard. The one I love most is Erica Ridley‘s Pep Talk to Aspiring Authors. She has the most … Continue reading

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the face, the lips

special k has been growing a beard for a couple of months now. A BIG beard. It’s been fun because I could grab him under the chin in a most satisfying way. It also made him look older and a … Continue reading

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