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Mozart, I love you for this

I’m not exactly musically educated. I love to sing and I sing what’s put in front of me, but when the other members of my choir say “This is really interesting, for Mozart,” I simply have to believe them. The … Continue reading

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rogue character hijacks novel

I was busy writing my new novel today, enjoying being inside Regina Victoria’s very well-bred mind (she never, ever listens to sarcastic Regina who sufaces every now and then) when all of a sudden Hetty Oswald turned up and took … Continue reading

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a piece of good news, to weigh against the bad

After being so vocal about my difficulties in dealing with rejection letters and such, I feel I should share this lovely piece of good news. Back in March I entered the Valerie Parv Award 2010, one of the bigger Australian … Continue reading

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if there ain’t sparks, there ain’t sparks

When I was 22 I split up with my boyfriend of one-and-a-half years then spent eight months in indecision about it. If indecision doesn’t sound so bad to you, you’ve probably never really been there. Move over purgatory. Anyway, at … Continue reading

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is romance soft porn and does it really matter?

I realised I don’t really buy into this debate much because I feel like I’m not educated enough about porn.┬áLike is it pro- or anti-feminist these days? Is it exploitative or empowering? But I think that not knowing what academics … Continue reading

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