this post is about Landmark Education, which could be quite controversial. If you google it you get as many people calling it a brainwashing cult as you get testimonials that it changed someone’s life.

Tonight I signed up for the communication courses, the first of which I do in August, so for the curious and undecided, there’ll be progress updates then!

I’ve done a lot of the curriculum, and found it positive and most of all incredibly useful. I feel like some of the times I was most alive, most effective in my life, and most deeply connected and driven have been during Landmark courses.

I sometimes look back on conversations I had in full Landmark throttle, and oh how I wish I could take them back. Like the time I gathered all my very practical cousins so that we could share what being family means. And then I think: Looking back on my life when I’m 80, with the certainty that I’ll die soon and this life won’t exist any more, I’d much rather have given it a shot.

I also think the two biggest transformational moments of my life happened outside of Landmark.

The first was when special k hit rock bottom three months into our relationship and said: I’m not playing games anymore. What are you doing?

The second was when we got engaged and I’d jumped over that line with both feet and couldn’t take it back. I seriously didn’t think I had commitment issues until that moment. Ha.

It takes something pretty extraordinary to make us actually re-evaluate and begin the painful process of change. I don’t think it happens nearly as often as we think it does.

About anna cowan

I look around, and here I am - housewife and aspiring romance novelist. This seems unexpected.
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