facebook beta-hero win

I recently won a facebook comp held by Avon (the books, people, not the cosmetics). The question was describe your dream proposal. I wrote:

My perfect wedding proposal is the one I had: In the middle of the night, middle of a storm, middle of a fight me and Ken were glaring at each other and I burst out with “will you marry me?”

We sat on the footpath and laughed for about twenty minutes then dragged three random Brits through the sodden streets of Berlin with us until we stood in the rain outside our apartment and watched the sky get light.


And I won! 🙂


So where does the beta-hero come in?

What I won was a copy of Cathy Maxwell‘s The Marriage Ring. I’ve never read CM before this, but I enjoyed it a lot.

It was a pretty simple story, and maybe a little cheesier than what I normally like, but it had a LOT of heart. The genuine kind.

And the thing I loved LOVED about it was the hero. I think it’s possibly the first romance novel I’ve read with a truly beta hero. He’s a bookworm accountant who’s never been in love – and he’s a virgin. There was something so beautiful and genuine about him – on top of the fact that CM gave him bucketloads of courage and integrity.

He sees himself as a big, inelegant oaf, and he throws himself into life when given half a chance. He makes mistakes along the way and sees himself clearly. He gives himself wholeheartedly to our intrepid heroine and when he makes love to her and thinks “she had branded him. Marked him. He would never stray” I actually believe him.

Good work Cathy – it’s got the cogs in my brain working, working, working…

Bring on the betas!

(not sure why this photo’s backwards – weird!)


About anna cowan

I look around, and here I am - housewife and aspiring romance novelist. This seems unexpected.
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